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Announcement – 30X Token Integration

In late January, we announced our latest investment: the 30X Token.

The token is part of the world of decentralised finance and has one of the largest applications we can think of, in addition to having the strongest economic model and value accrual mechanism we’ve seen to date.

Now, other projects are building and integrating that protocol for mainstream usage which means the future adoption rate just went up.

We will see new projects coming out soon trying to be “30X killers” similar to how many “Ethereum killers” we’ve seen throughout the years, but they’ll likely fail. Our prediction is that this token will secure a place in the Top 10 by Market Cap list.

Major Pain Point

DeFi is taking over the current financial system, that’s been established already. The problem is with the number of networks being created and the DeFi ecosystems being built on top of them. To name a few: Ethereum, Binance Chain, Solana, Polkadot.

If you’ve interacted with Ethereum DeFi you’ve probably used MetaMask, but what if you wanted to then use a DeFi application built on Solana? There is no easy all-in-one place to send your assets from one chain to another and perform DeFi interactions.

Solution: XDEFI Wallet

XDEFI’s goal is to connect all useful technologies, networks and communities. The idea behind XDEFI is to have an All-in-One Crypto/DeFi wallet where you can hold all of your assets, interact with different protocols and swap assets between chains without ever needing to touch a centralised venue.

To give you an idea of how exciting this is: what attracted us most to Oxygen’s wallet application is the fact that you could hold SPL & ERC tokens in one place, change from one chain to another as well as use some DeFi features such as swapping.

Imagine this but with every single blockchain!

Everyone’s favourite hardware wallet is Ledger, they’re working on an integration with it as well. Guess which exchange they will be using to facilitate cross-chain swaps? You guessed it, ASGARDEX.

ASGARDEX Integration

In order to swap assets from one chain to another, XDEFI wallet will be using ASGARDEX – THORChain’s interface for cross-chain swaps.

The DeFi takeover is a question of when not if anymore and THORChain is securing a primordial place for itself by having built prime technology, soon it will have a network effect to protect it, similar to how Ethereum still sits on the throne of smart contracts chains.

Seed Investors

XDEFI has raised $1,200,000 in a seed round which was led by Mechanism Capital, Delphi Digital and Alameda Research. The latter two in particular have helped multiple projects not just financially through raises but with implementation/execution.

While we do attribute little weight to partnerships/investments, this remains a good confirmation for our thesis about RUNE.


When will multichain go live and allow users to swap assets across different chains in a decentralised manner? Right now ASGARDEX is in testnet but according to the official Thorchain Twitter account, it’s coming soon. By soon it probably means within April/May

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