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How to check transactions on the blockchain

After a transaction has been initiated, there are various stages that the network must conduct before completion. If you wish to track its progress, there are various tools and websites that you can use to do so.

A single “confirmation” illustrates that the transaction has been recorded on the network, this will remain forever. As the name suggests, it literally “confirms” that the funds have been sent to the correct address and not to anyone else. Confirmations represent the number of blocks that are placed on top of your block-containing transaction. Usually 6 confirmations are required by the network before the coins are seen at the recipient’s address. Some providers such as Coinbase, may only need 3 confirmations.

You will need the Transaction ID (Tx ID) and this should be entered into a corresponding site, which will bring up the current details of the transactions. Different sites should be used depending on which blockchain the transaction is being carried out on. Here are a few popular sites that can be used to check transactions:

Ethereum -

Binance -

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