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The 10 Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

The NFT space exploded in 2021, let’s look at the 10 most expensive NFTs sold to date. The rise of NFTs in 2021, has seen individual NFTs sell for more than $90m apiece.

But first, what are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)? NFTs are unique digital assets used to represent both digital and real world items like art and collectables.

1. “The Merge”

Original sale price: $91.8m

Sold: December 2, 2021

Designed by the NFT artist Pak, The Merge was purchased by a group of 28,983 collectors for almost $100m through Nifty Gateway.

The Merge

2. Everydays: The First 5000 Days

Original sale price: $69.3m

Sold: March 11, 2021

Created by digital artist “Beeple,” Everydays: The First 5000 Days sold for $69.3 million at Christie’s, making it the most expensive NFT ever sold to a single owner.

Everydays is a collage of 5000 of the artist’s early artworks, and symbolises his growth as an artist.

The artwork was purchased by Vignesh “Metakovan” Sundaresan.

Everydays: The First 5000 Days

3. Human One

Original sale price: $28.9 million

Sold: November 9, 2021

In November, another Beeple artwork, Human One, sold for $28.9 million at Christie’s auction house. The artwork is a life-sized sculpture described as a “kinetic video sculpture” and is made up of 4 video screens. Christie’s described Beeple as being “among the top three most valuable living artists.”

Human One

4. CryptoPunk #7523

Original sale price: $11.8 million

Sold June 10, 2021

CryptoPunks are among some of the most expensive NFTs ever sold. They are a collection of 10,000 algorithmically generated digital characters, developed by Matt Hall and Jon Watkinson from game studio Larva Labs. The collection were initially given away for free, but certain CryptoPunks with rare characteristics later sold for eye-watering sums.

CryptoPunk #7523, a rare alien CryptoPunk, for example, was bought by DraftKing’s shareholder, Shalom Meckenzie, for $11.8 million at Sotheby’s “Natively Digital” auction.

CryptoPunk #7523

5. CryptoPunk #3100

Original sale price: $7.67 million

Sold: March 11, 2021

CryptoPunk #3100 generated interest thanks to it’s unique blue and white headband. It sold for $7.67 million on OpenSea, the leading NFT platform.

CryptoPunk #3100

6. CryptoPunk #7804

Original sale price: $7.56 million

Sold: March 10, 2021

Another alien CryptoPunk, #7804, was bought by Dylan Field, the CEO of design company Figma, for $7.56 million (4,200 ETH). It’s one of just 9 alien CryptoPunks and sports a cap, pipe, and shades.

CryptoPunk #7804

7. XCopy’s ‘Right-click and Save As guy’

Original sale price: $7.09m

Sold: December 9, 2021

NFT artist XCopy’s “Right-click and Save As guy” sold for $7.09 million. It was purchased by Snoop Dogg’s NFT alias ‘Cozomo de Medici’ through Superrare.

XCopy’s ‘Right-click and Save As guy’

8. Art Blocks: Ringers #109

Original sale price: $6.93m

Sold: October 2, 2021

From the Art Blocks collection of 99,000 NFTs, Ringers #109 sold for $6.93 million.

Art Blocks: Ringers #109


Original sale price: $6.6 million

Sold: February 25, 2021

Created by Beeple, Crossroad is a short 10-second dystopian movie that depicts people walking past a fallen body marked with written insults.


10. Beeple’s OCEAN FRONT

Original sale price: $6m

Sold: March 22, 2021

Another Beeple artwork, Ocean Front sold for $6 million at auction. It depicts a wooden structure made up of shipping containers, and campers in the middle of the sea. At the top of the structure sits a large tree and two red toadstools.


Disclaimer: NOT FINANCIAL NOR INVESTMENT ADVICE. Only you are responsible for any capital-related decisions you make and only you are accountable for the results.

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