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The Path: #5

The Path is a voyage PoF is onboarding through the second quarter of 2021 where we are purely capitalising on hype. You can read our original thesis in this journal.

Our target timeline is 1 to 6 weeks per token.

Opportunities are presenting themselves left, right and centre in the particular asset class we are looking to capitalise on over the next period.

We are currently following 2 opportunities, and now there is a third that we will be participating in – all of this will be happening over the next few weeks.

The hype surrounding these assets has exceeded our expectations in the 2 iterations of The Path that have already come and gone, and we are eager to participate in more – with capital that we consider to be fully expendable.

We are fully dedicated to risk management. These investments we are embarking on are high-risk, high-reward plays and so we will be allocating only a small part of our capital to each one.

Disclaimer: NOT FINANCIAL NOR INVESTMENT ADVICE. Only you are responsible for any capital-related decisions you make and only you are accountable for the results.


Decentralised fundraising and IDOs are the all the craze at the moment, with thousands of people pouring millions of dollars into any and every sh*tcoin they can get their hands on – this is true for the Solana blockchain too, and we have been more than happy to invest a little capital to take advantage of this hype wherever possible.

Solstarter is one of these decentralised fundraising and IDO platforms, and aims to improve the quality, user experience, and fairness of these IDOs through making fundraising more accessible to smaller investors by reducing the monopoly that larger venture capitalist funds have on pre-seed sales.


  • The whitelisting process was oversubscribed (twice, 200k applicants in under 48hours) so Solstarter opened a THIRD round.

  • Nothing else needs to be done at this point.

  • We will update members as more information is released.


One premise of Solstarter is to remove the high financial barriers currently in place on a lot of IDOs. We have mentioned this previously in the Mercurial report, where 150 FTT and up to 500 RAY must to be staked to get full participation in the pools and the IEO; this is a huge sum for most retail investors (over $15,000 at current prices).

Additionally, IDOs have become a scramble of “who can click the fastest” in terms of swapping for the assets, or buying it on a DEX/CEX, with bots front-running everyone and getting in at the best possible price which leaves other investors buying in to the take-profit levels of the bots. Solstarter aims to alleviate some of these issues, and present an all-round fairer system for IDOs in the Solana blockchain going forward. Let’s have a look at the Solstarter raise system:

Round 1

Solstarter tokens (SOS) can be staked which entitles the staker to compete in the raise for IDOs over an 8 hour period, based on a tier system that is regulated by the amount of SOS tokens each participant has staked.

Round 2

Any tokens not sold in Round 1 of the raise will be offered up for sale in this second round on a first come first serve basis, with higher tier SOS stakers given priority.

Round 3

In this last round of the sale anyone can acquire the remaining tokens (if there is any) through an uncapped sale, with no SOS staking requirements.

Tier System

The tier system previously mentioned involves 4 tiers with various staking requirements and pool weighting, starting with a 5000 SOS requirement for tier 1, and a 30,000 SOS requirement for tier 4. The tier levels are as follows:

In terms of tokenomics, we anticipate this tier system will lock up a lot of the circulating SOS supply, and we expect quite a lot of participants in future Solstarter IDOs considering the hype surrounding the previous Solana IDOs we have been following.

Solstarter will implement an additional incentive through the tier system for long-term holders of SOS through a representative xSOS token that will be provided to stakers of SOS over a 30 day period, eventually leading to stakers having a 1:1 ratio of xSOS to staked SOS. This is intended to lend more weight to xSOS holders, benefitting users if they have been in the system longer.

In addition to the xSOS token and tier system, Solstarter will provide a micro-staking tier that will enable participants with less capital to enter in to a lottery for all IDOs launched on the platform. Winners of this lottery will be granted access to ‘Moon’ level weighting (tier 1), even if they haven’t staked 5,000 SOS.

Whitelisting (UPDATED)

All applicants to the token generation event (TGE) have been entered into the airdrop, regardless of KYC progress. The TGE will be shared amongst 2,000 eligible participants in a lottery – considering the amount of applications, the chances of winning the lottery are slim. However, 1 million SOS (1% of supply) will be air-dropped to all participants in equal allocation.

The original whitelist was filled within 24 hours of the launch; the second one was also completely filled which led them to releasing a third and final application.

This proves that the hype is very real, and we can take from this that the launch of Solstarter will be a highly anticipated event with this much open interest.

We would also add that nothing more needs to be done now that the application process has been completed, and we will provide members with more details – such as in-depth PUMPonomics – closer to the time to avoid confusion about what is relevant at this stage!

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